Welcome to PrincessHungry. I write about life through the lens of food (and am learning food photography). 

The PH Manifesto

Hello, World (again)!

PrincessHungry has been around since 2003, the inside joke of an AOL Instant Messenger handle (RIP, AIM) that has served as my online persona ever since.

PrincessHungry has covered my adventures in the kitchen, fixed gear bicycles, road racing, and #asianstakingpicturesofasianstakingpicturesoffood. I blogged incredibly inconsistently until I took down all of my posts a few years ago.

Until today!

It’s nearing the end of 2017. After many conversations with friends, sputters and false starts, moving across the country (hello, east coast!), buying a place (hello, mortgage!), planning a wedding, getting married (hello, dear husband!), learning to love my new family, learning to find my place in my new city, PrincessHungry is reborn.

I’m here to sharpen my knife, ya’ll.


It’s my not-so-secret-dream to write about food. If you’ve ever met me, even for 5 minutes, you’d know I see the world through the lens of food.

TBH, I probably asked you if you were hungry instead of saying hello. #hungryismyhello

In the whirlwind of building my new life in the DC area, I became surprisingly lethargic in the kitchen (no thanks to the awful, humid summers). My cooking reflected my homesickness (overwhelmingly one note and inconsistent, sigh).

The Manifesto

After much yoga-ing, reading, joining writing groups, quitting writing groups, walking all over DC, and finding my tribe(s), here we are. The new purpose of PrincessHungry is to help me sharpen my ax (er, knife).

I’m ready to rediscover my writing voice, do a deep dive into food photography/styling, and level up my cooking game in the process. This space will document my purposeful learning and growth to help me refine my goals and objectives while building my (written and visual) portfolio.

My Commitment (to myself and to you, dear reader)

I do not have a cookbook problem. I don’t.

I do not have a cookbook problem. I don’t.

Over the next six months, I will be reading and cooking through six cookbooks from my bookshelf. I will read the cookbooks cover-to-cover and select 4-8 recipes to cook, style, and shoot. This will allow me to practice food photography and styling, plus provide me the content and inspiration to hone my writing voice.

I commit to writing at least four blog posts about each cookbook. These posts will cover a range of topics including the cooking and techniques learned, food memoir stories, lessons from the photoshoots, and the development of my creative process (prepare yourself for some spreadsheets ya’ll!).

I’ll share here on every week or so, with some #BTS and sneak peaks on the ‘gram.

After six cookbooks, I’ll reassess where I am and what I’ve learned. What I liked doing and didn’t like doing. Perhaps I will be able to launch an IRL cookbook club or partner with a local-women-in-food-group to create something tasty. Or maybe pitch a food magazine for some freelance fun. We shall see!

The Nitty Gritty Deets

Which cookbooks are you going to be reading/cooking/photography-ing/eating?

Every Grain of Rice by Fuchsia Dunlop

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin Nosrat
Cravings by Chrissy Teigen
Taste & Technique by Naomi Pomeroy February – TBD March – TBD

Have a cookbook suggestion? Leave me a comment at the bottom with the cookbook and why you recommend it!!

How will I select the recipes? Recipes will focus mainly in these five categories:

  1. Cooking techniques outside my comfort zone
  2. Features an ingredient I’ve neeeeever cooked with before
  3. Dishes I don’t think I’d normally “like” *
  4. Food that makes me salivate IRL
  5. An ingredient/cooking technique that evokes a food/cooking memory from my life

What will PrincessHungry NOT be about?

  1. A plethora of personal recipes. I might have a recipe here or there to go with a story, but mostly nah. Recipe development done well takes a lot of time and effort (I’m a huge fan Kenji at SeriousEats if you're looking for something tasty to cook). Right now, I’m focusing on my writing and photography. If I do share a personal recipe it’s going to be a list of ingredients and cooking techniques you’ll need to know to make it. Maybe some ratios if you’re lucky.
  2. Nutrition, cleanses, or juicing. Yes, I have a master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition. Yes, I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.** No, I will not make you a meal plan or count any calories or grams of protein here. If anything, this blog is here to remind folks that cooking and eating should be an integral part of how we get nutrition. Remember, food nourishes the body AAAANDDDDD THE SOUL. Eat your meals folks, don’t drink them.***
  3. Bicycles. I’ve downsized from like eight bikes to two, neither of which are fixed. I haven’t found the guts to ride in DC yet. Halp.

Welp, that just about covers it! Thanks for reading my 900-word food manifesto and hanging out with me as I sharpen my ax (er, knife). I’m so excited to begin!

Have any questions or comments (not related to nutrition, juicing, or bicycles)? Leave a comment here or you can also say hello via e-mail.

xo, Marsha

Hellooooo xiao long bao!

Hellooooo xiao long bao!



* Did you know it takes between 10-15 tries before we can really decide if we like or dislike something? Yes, really.

** Disclaimer: I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), but NOT YOUR Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. If you need nutrition advice/counseling please go see an RDN in real life. Sometimes they even Skype. Nothing on should be construed as nutrition advice or prescription. Before starting a new diet talk to a trained medical professional.

*** I’m talking to you healthy folks that have a normal, functional GI tract. For the love of God, DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON JUICING. #hulkragingoverhere

Introducing #EGOR

Introducing #EGOR